The Setare Aval ATL Campaign

  • Client Name: Setare Aval Company
  • Date: in Esfand 1398, in Farvardin 1398
  • Type of Service Provided: Communication Strategy, Ideation, Graphic Design
  • Brand Activity Field: Telecom
  • Initial Challenge (brief provided by the Client): The Setare Aval brand planned to provide an offline campaign to informing about its services.
  • Campaign Purpose: awareness-raising about the brand’s presence and introduction of services with lottery
  • Project Requirements:
    • Emphasis on full display of command code *1#
    • Direct reference to the special prize (car) by displaying the photo and title
    • Attractiveness and simplicity in design and implementation

LinkedIn link post size 1200 x 628 - The Setare Aval ATL Campaign

To introduce the command code *1#, by using the concept of chance to embrace the future, we tried to convince the audience that they can be lucky and also welcome a better life by winning a new car, if they use this code and participate in the lottery.

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